NBN Co Scam Alert


1 September 2019 12:00 am Australia/Hobart

    NBN Co is receiving upwards of 100 calls a day about suspected internet installation scams and has warned consumers and business owners to stay vigilant amid a “significant uplift” in people impersonating broadband providers.

    How to avoid an NBN scammer

    • Your phone or internet provider is responsible for connecting you to the NBN, not NBN Co. Do not give financial information to any caller claiming to be from the NBN.
    • Do not allow unsolicited callers to gain access to your computer systems or allow callers to install programs, like Team Viewer.
    • To connect to the NBN you must contact your preferred phone or internet provider, not NBN Co. If you are in doubt about a call, hang up and contact your provider directly to confirm. Do not use the contact numbers provided by unsolicited callers.

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