National Mental Health Emergent Leaders Fellowship: Applications Open

Beng Poh

11 May 2018 5:00 pm Australia/Hobart

The National Mental Health Commission (the Commission) has worked in partnership with Melbourne University staff to develop the National Mental Health Emergent Leaders Fellowship.

Applications are now open and anyone with an interest in developing their capabilities and capacity as a leader in this space is encouraged to apply. A total of 40 fellowships will be offered and these will consist of two cohorts.

It is expected these fellowships will be highly sought after and they are open to a wide range of people, including those working in mental health services, people with lived experience (consumers, families and carers), private corporations, emergency services, education, local government and community organisations, media, sports associations, veteran communities; anyone with the potential to influence positive change in the community when it comes to mental health.

Find out more and apply

Applications close at 5pm on Friday 11 May 2018.