Lived Experience Australia: Consumer and Carer Experiences of Psychology Services in Australia Report

1 January 2022

    Lived Experience Australia is excited to announce the launch of our report exploring consumer and carer experiences of psychology services in Australia. 

    Psychologists are an integral part of Australia’s mental health care landscape, with approximately 1.26 million consumers accessing the services of psychologists through Medicare each year. Throughout the pandemic, demand for psychologists’ services has skyrocketed.

    We conducted a nationwide survey to provide a national collective voice of consumers’ experiences accessing a psychologist and the experiences of carers in supporting someone who has accessed a psychologist. The survey was completed online in November, with 517 responses from across Australia. The research aimed to understand psychological service needs of mental health consumers and carers, and provide a collective voice to government and service providers to inform service and policy design. 

    We wanted to hear about:consumers’ and carers’ satisfaction with care provided by psychologistschanges in their health and wellbeing since accessing a psychologist, andpotential barriers to access, including referral requirements and costs.You can now view the full report, summary sheet and our brief overview video to find out more about what we learned. 

    Thank you to all of the consumers, families and carers who contributed to this research allowing us to provide a national collective voice of your experiences.  Click the image above to watch our introductory video