LGBTQ+ Employees in Religiously Affiliated Workplaces

1 May 2021

    The University of Tasmania are conducting a survey to better understand the experiences of LGBTQ+ people in religiously affiliated workplaces. Examples of such workplaces include Christian and Islamic schools, private hospitals such as Catholic affiliated hospitals, social welfare agencies such as Anglicare, and aged care facilities such as Jewish or Salvation Army aged care.
    We want to ensure that the voices of LGBTQ+ people are heard in current debates about LGBTQ+ rights and religious
    The study is being conducted by academics at the University of Tasmania, in conjunction with the University of Sydney
    and University of Ottawa.
    We are asking people to complete a survey – please go to either of the links below. It will take about 20 minutes to

    Complete the survey:

    If you would like to know more, please contact Professor Douglas
    Ezzy by email ( or Dr Bronwyn Fielder
    ( University of Tasmania
    Project ID: 23410
    More Information is also available at our website:
    Website Link: