National Disability Information Gateway

Beng Poh

1 October 2020


The new National Disability Information Gateway (the Disability Gateway) includes information on services and supports available to all people with disability in Australia, even if they aren’t an NDIS participant. We are looking for feedback to improve and enhance the Disability Gateway pilot website — we encourage you to log on and explore the site. Feedback buttons are located at the top and bottom right hand sides at

The Disability Gateway is a three-year project to deliver a multi-channelled service for people with disability, their friends, family and carers. The Disability Gateway is a way for people to navigate complex disability service system and will help people find out about support and services they may be able to access. The Federal Government’s aim is to ensure people with disability, their families and carers receive the most effective, accessible and people-centred service available.

The full Disability Gateway Service will start in January 2021 and will include a website and dedicated 1800 phone number to connect people with disability, their families and carers, to information and services.

The tender to engage a supplier to establish and operate the full Disability Gateway Service was also published this month on AusTender at