Health inequity report release & webinar invitation

Beng Poh

24 August 2021 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm Australia/Hobart


Organized By

ACOSS (Australian Council of Social Service)

    ACOSS/UNSW Poverty and Inequality Partnership have launched the latest report, Work, income and health inequity: A snapshot of the evidence. This report looks at the availability of health and socio-economic data in Australia. It uses the available data to report on the relationship between certain health and socio-economic indictors. The report concludes that more effective data collection of health and income indicators in Australia is important and required; and that there are distinct inequities in Australia in terms of health and socio-economic status.

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    Join the webinar to build on the findings from the ACOSS and UNSW joint report, Work, income and health inequity: A snapshot of the evidence, a discussion of the impacts of health inequity in Australia, especially during COVID times. The webinar will be hosted by Dr Norman Swan, host of ABC Radio National’s Health Report, co-host of Coronacast & commentator on ABC TV’s 7.30.

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