Free Workshop for Carers: Managing Carer Stress & Fatigue

Nic McBride

25 October 2017 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm Australia/Hobart

Carers Tasmania (Launceston)

Jimmy’s Complex, Shop 8 / 216 Charles Street, Launceston

1800 242 636 or 6231 5507

Are you currently caring for someone who is chronically ill, has a mental health issue, is ageing or has a disability?

Do you find it difficult to attend courses during the day?

Did you know that self-care is the most important part of your Carer role, but often also the most neglected part? This workshop provides information and education on self-care and is also preparation for our longer workshops.

Why self care? Caring can be very stressful, tiring and overwhelming – but often we cannot change our circumstances or the behaviour of others. Carers need to manage their own well-being as a critical part of what they do.

Through this workshop, being delivered after hours, you can learn some strategies which may assist you in managing your caring role more effectively.

This workshop is not group therapy. If you have difficulties in your Caring role that you would like to discuss please phone us to make an appointment with one of our experienced and tertiary-trained Counsellors.

If you would like to attend this activity and you need respite we can facilitate a referral on your behalf.

Places are limited – please register ASAP using the phone numbers or email provided.