Cultural Awareness Training (North-West)

9 May 2019 12:00 am Australia/Hobart

    The Cultural Awareness Training (CAT) course is part of the Primary Health Tasmania ‘wungana makuminya’ project. To ensure equity of access to organisations across the state, the Drug Education Network (DEN) is currently accepting expressions of interest for the last funded positions on this course.

    The one day (6.5 hours) training is an interactive presentation for people wanting to find out about the Tasmanian Aboriginal story. This course looks at the impact of colonisation and discusses the historical account of Tasmanian history during and post invasion and finishes with a look at the contemporary Tasmanian Aboriginal community with a focus on Alcohol and other drug issues.

    Expressions of interest are open from 18 January and until the funded positions have been allocated. For more information about the course please contact