Equal Opportunity Training and Education Programs 2020


1 April 2020

(03) 6165 7515

Equal Opportunity Tasmania have a suite of training available to community groups, government organisations, schools, and private business. Our training courses include ‘Discrimination Law: Rights and Responsibilities’, ‘Racism. It stops with me!’ and ‘Workplace Behaviour — Where is the Line?’. We also offer community information sessions on discrimination and related issues for community groups and organisations.

For a comprehensive overview of all our training courses, please visit our website www.equalopportunity.tas.gov.au/training. Our experienced trainers have a wealth of knowledge on discrimination issues, and strategies for promoting equal opportunity. Please keep in mind that we are also able to tailor training to your particular needs.

If you are interested in having further discussions with me about your training requirements, please do not hesitate to contact me, please call (03) 6165 7515 or email training@equalopportunity.tas.gov.au.