Calling Out Conversational Control: Dr Torna Pitman’s Live Online Course

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22 September 2021 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm Australia/Hobart

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  • 22 September 2021
  • 29 September 2021

      Rarely identified by a client or addressed by practitioners. 

      Unaddressed, it will manifest in the many signs and symptoms

     of disadvantage, disempowerment, confusion and trauma. 

     Identifying and preventing Conversational Control is essential to addressing inequality and abuse.

    What Exactly Is Conversational Control?

    Conversational Control is a strategy that uses a pattern of unfair conversational tactics to gain and maintain control over a situation or a relationship.

    It is a warning of and precursor to psychological and emotional abuse and a core strategy for gaining and maintaining control, as in domestic abuse and coercive control. 

    Dr Torna Pitman has worked with practitioners and clients for 15 years and designed this short course to solve some of the challenges Human Service Practitioners raise with her:

    • How do I help clients make sense of difficult conversations and relationships?
    • Where do I start, and which framework or model can I use?
    • What about clients I suspect may be disempowering others?
    • When is it better for me to refer a client to another service?

    What Will This Course Teach Me? 

    • You will learn a straightforward, conceptual framework, language and techniques to use.
    • You will be able to coach your clients to recognise the signs, symptoms and consequences of Conversational Control in their relationships.
    • You will learn how to coach your clients on what they need to know, do and say to liberate themselves from Conversational Control.
    • You will receive a complete set of client worksheets. 

     How Will I Learn?  

    • Learn directly with Dr Torna Pitman 
    • Live online sessions via Zoom
    • 1.5 hours per week for four weeks
    • 1 hour of live, interactive teaching
    • 30 mins optional workshopping 
    • Each session recorded
    • Weekly client worksheets 

    When Are The Sessions?

    Week 1: Wednesday 8th September 19:30-21:00

    Week 2: Wednesday 15th September 19:30-21:00

    Week 3: Wednesday 22nd September 19:30-21:00

    Week 4: Wednesday 29th September 19:30-21:00

    Why Now?

    This course is the first of its kind globally.

    Conversational Control is a red flag and core strategy for all abuse and control

    We are offering a discounted price for our first online intake

    $300 for the entire course

    How Do I Sign Up?

    • Register directly via this link.


    • Register now via our website.
    • Limited spaces

     What Have Others Had To Say?

    TalkingWise has a profound capacity to positively impact on people’s lives, offering both theoretical and practical insights into understanding and responding to dysfunctional conversational patterns that fracture relationships. I use this information all the time.

    Dr Sharon Thomas 2021

    “This pivotal information has not been explored so deeply before in learning about relationships and family violence. Brilliant information that examines the core of the issues” Sally 2019 Practitioner

    “I can highly recommend Torna’s academic and practitioner expertise, and her new body of knowledge, Conversational Control, stands out as really helpful for human service practitioners to use with their clients and also for people in relationships where the conversations can feel disempowering and stuck.” Dr Shirley Patton 2021 

    “This workshop has honestly changed my life. I feel freedom and pure happiness from knowing about conversational equality and my rights. It has helped explain a lot of my emotional pain that I experienced in a toxic relationship and freed me to live my life”. Sarah, 2018, Client