Survey: Emergency Volunteering 2030

Beng Poh

30 November 2018

Organized By

The Bushfire and Natural Hazards Co-operative Research Centre

The Bushfire and Natural Hazards Co-operative Research Centre (BNHCRC) is undertaking a project called Emergency volunteering 2030 – Adapting the sector.

This project seeks to find how the emergency management sector can best enable the value of volunteering for communities into the future.

As part of this, BNHCRC researchers are interested in hearing from community sector organisations about working with communities to build resilience for emergencies.  The researchers are exploring what is happening in the preparation, response and recovery stages and the changes needed and the developments that are likely to occur over the next decade.

The researchers have prepared an invitation-only short (10-15 minutes) on-line open-ended question survey to community sector organisations across Australia. The survey closes Friday 30th November.

If you are interested in participating in the research please contact researcher Tarn Kruger.