Disability Voices Tasmania: Tasmania Inclusive Tourism Project


1 September 2020

Organized By

Disability Voices Tasmania

    Disability Voices Tasmania is seeking all people with disability to become a part of our Tasmania Inclusive Tourism Project. Tasmania’s tourism is being built from the ground up and the industry needs to hear from people with disability on how Tasmania can take advantage of this untapped market.

    Did you know that…

    • If access to tourism businesses was enhanced then Tasmania could tap into a large and growing market?
    • Almost one in five Australians has a disability, that’s four million people.
    • People with a disability spend $8 billion a year on Australian tourism accounting for 11% of total tourism expenditure.
    • 88% of people with a disability take a holiday each year. This accounts for some 8.2 million overnight trips.
    • Improving access to tourism experiences also benefits other groups including parents with prams, people with temporary injuries and visitors with heavy bags.
    • Australians aged between 55–79 years make up nearly one-third of travellers taking overnight trips each year.
    • The prevalence of disability increases with age. 36% of 60 to 64 year olds have a disability.

    View the flyer which details free workshops which are being held for all people with disability.