Disability Voices Tasmania: Emergency Response Planning

Beng Poh

16 November 2021

Organized By

Disability Voices Tasmania

People with disability know that sometimes our needs have not been fully considered when events such as fires and the current COVID-19 pandemic happen.

It might be a lack of access to information in easy English, inaccessible evacuation centres, inadequate planning for emergency power for vital equipment, inaccessible websites to order groceries or a lack of mental health contact points in the community.

Disability Voices Tasmania are looking for people with a diverse range of disability who live in the City of Clarence to work together to help develop ideas for what could be in an inclusive Emergency Response Plan.

You will be working with someone with lots of experience in this area who will support you to put forward ideas based on your own experiences.

The project will happen in October and November and will:

  • Look at how to make an inclusive Emergency Response Plan.
  • Develop a checklist and ideas on good practice.
  • Connect you with other people with disability who are interested in having their voice heard.
  • Work on a partnership between people with disability and Clarence City Council to develop solutions to emergency planning for the whole community.

Interested? please email Disability Voices Tasmania or call 6215 6800

Disability Voices Tasmania is funded by the Commonwealth Government. This project is partly funded by the Clarence City Council COVID-19 Social Recovery.