Creating Emotional Security for Young Children (0-5 years)

26 February 2019 9:00 am - 1:00 pm Australia/Hobart

Hobart North Uniting Church

2 Swan Street, North Hobart, TAS, 7000

(03) 6231 3109

    This session, which forms part of CAMHS South Education Series, will be of particular benefit to people working with children and young families. This education workshop will be divided into two sessions:

    Session 1 – The Inner World of the Child
    Session 2 – Creating Security by “Keeping the Child in Mind”.

    The workshop will discuss key elements in the social and emotional development of young children (0-5 years).

    Areas covered will focus upon the emotional experience for young children, their caregivers and how the relationship between them develops.

    This workshop is aimed at a professional audience who are working with children and  young people. It is not designed for families, carers or consumers. We understand that participants may have personal, family or lived experience with issues discussed at the education session. We encourage self-care but would ask that participants recognise that the facilitators do not have capacity to address personal matters during this forum.

    Facilitated by Barb Smith, Caroline Diamond and Katie Dyson.

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