Creating an Inclusive Narrative Project

1 October 2020


    You are invited to an online roundtable discussion aimed at strengthening social cohesion in Australia.

    These roundtables are an integral aspect of a national project being facilitated by the Australian Baha’i Community to collectively ‘Create an Inclusive Narrative’ for our country. This is a narrative which is to be “a bigger story of us,” a story that “must speak to us all… speak to who we have been and allow for who we may become,” and a story that will help form a common centre to bring us closer together, unifying our country.

    We are seeking representatives from all organisations, religious and cultural communities, the media, corporations, academia, think tanks, institutions, artists, authors and government from across Australia to share experience, ideas and to explore fundamental questions such as: how do we describe our collective identity? Who are we? How can we become more socially cohesive and inclusive? What are the values, characteristics and practical steps which will strengthen social cohesion in Australia?

    The roundtables are an informal, intimate and open space for discussion. Through a consultative dialogue framework, which invites broad based participation and is characterised by reciprocity and respect, we hope to reach higher levels of understanding together.

    The insights and contributions offered by the representatives of your group, organisation or institution will be synthesised into the Inclusive Narrative framework document to be made widely available and presented to State and Federal Governments, the media and civil society organisations. Other outcomes from the project include: cross-organisational consultative opportunities in a unifying environment, a dedicated webpage, podcasts and networking/collaboration opportunities with other organisations.

    Find out more about the project.