COVID-19 Stories Project

1 June 2020

    Do you have photographs that depict the community’s or your personal experience of the pandemic? Have you seen a sign, object, or online content that you think should be captured for the future? Maybe you have a poem, blog, or other pieces of writing to share?

    The COVID-19 Stories Project is reaching out across Tasmania to collect and preserve memories of this unprecedented period of disruption, social distancing and self-isolation. It seeks to capture the impact of this historic event on the lives and livelihoods of everyday Tasmanians to create a collective memory for the future.

    Libraries Tasmania is partnering with Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) on this long-term collecting project to document the Tasmanian community’s experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    As cultural institutions, both Libraries Tasmania and TMAG are aware of how crucial it is to collect this material now, so that future generations can comprehend how Tasmanians lived through the pandemic.  It is hoped that a wide range of items will be submitted, from personal digital photography to hardcopy items such as personal written accounts, artist diaries, posters and other material such as the contents of care packages used by Tasmanians in quarantine.

    A range of stories and experiences will be selected by the project team to be preserved from the many submissions that will help document this pivotal moment in history, and bring it to life for future generations.

    Both organisations envisage sharing the COVID-19 collections with the public at an appropriate time to enable Tasmanians to reflect on this experience from both a local and global perspective.

    More information about the COVID-19 Stories Project and the process for submitting material can be found on the websites of Libraries Tasmania and TMAG. Alternatively, email