Consultation Regulation Impact Statements

18 August 2020


    The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) has recently issued a Consultation Regulatory Impact Assessment in relation to accessible housing, based on a cost benefit analysis undertaken by the Centre for International Economics. 

    Unfortunately, CIE concludes that the costs of regulating to set minimum standards for accessible housing would exceed the benefits and so is recommending continuation of the current voluntary code of practice.

    According to the guidance note on cost benefit analyses issued by Office of Best Practice Regulation in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, cost benefit analysis should include a qualitative assessment. This has not been undertaken by CIE, notwithstanding the fact that the qualitative element is likely to have a very significant effect on the conclusions.

    Melbourne Disability Institute (University of Melbourne) is therefore urgently undertaking a survey of adults with any mobility limitation (including people with disability and older Australians), followed by interviews, to identify qualitative benefits to people with disability including improved quality of life, wellbeing and mental health outcomes and greater independence and empowerment.

    Find out more and complete the survey.

    Survey closes Wednesday 26 August 2020.