Climate Change and the Community Sector Survey

Beng Poh

7 June 2021

  • Organisation

    ACOSS (Australian Council of Social Service)

ACOSS is running a survey to better understand how the community sector currently engages with climate change, the appetite to engage in greater advocacy on climate change and what additional supports would be needed to assist further engagement.

Climate change and a slow, poorly managed transition to zero emissions is a major threat to achieving our vision to end poverty and inequality, and is already disproportionately impacting people experiencing disadvantage. The federal Government is currently not doing enough.

Stronger advocacy is needed to influence the federal government to set more ambitious emissions reduction targets and develop a just and equitable plan that rapidly reduces emissions and contributes to reducing poverty and inequality. 

The community sector can play an important role in creating the change we need to help drive better outcomes for the communities we work with. 

ACOSS will use the results of this survey to inform how we can better support the community sector and come together to demand a faster, fairer and more equitable response to the climate crisis. 

This will complement ACOSS’ and the sector’s work to support communities to build more resilience and better recover from natural disasters which are being made worse by climate change. 

The survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes. Please submit your responses by Friday 11 June.

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