City of Hobart: Community Engagement Review

Nic McBride

17 May 2022 12:00 am Australia/Hobart


The City of Hobart is currently reviewing its Community Engagement Framework and is seeking your feedback about how we can best communicate with and include the community in Council decision making.

We want to better understand the needs and aspirations of the local community in relation to community engagement, particularly:

  • how much involvement you want in Council decision making;
  • the best ways to communicate with you; and
  • your key areas of interest.

The results of this engagement will inform the development of a Draft Community Engagement Strategy.  This will be a public document which informs the community of our guiding principles for engagement and our ‘promise’ on who, how and why we engage.  In addition to this, the results of the engagement will also inform an internal community engagement guidelines/toolkit aimed at assisting staff in implementing community engagement projects.

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