Changing Lives with Adult Literacy #Lifechangers – 26TEN Week 2018

Beng Poh

11 September 2018

This year, 26TEN Week celebrates #lifechangers. It’s about those moments when literacy and numeracy support has changed a person’s life. It might be they can now:
  • read to their child
  • get their driver licence
  • look for a job online
  • use the bus timetable to catch a bus
  • coach footy
  • get a promotion.
The theme recognises the power of people continuing to learn throughout their lives and the huge impact improving their skills can have on their families, communities and work place. Meet some amazing #lifechangers on the 26TEN and the Adult Learning Australia websites.
A kit of resources to help members celebrate
At the beginning of October 26TEN Strategy will mail all member organisations a kit to help them celebrate. It will include posters, postcards, certificates and lollipops.
If you are a supporter (individual) and would like a kit please email: by 1 October 2018.