Challenges in providing equitable access to health in Australia

Beng Poh

24 August 2021 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm Australia/Hobart


Organized By

ACOSS (Australian Council of Social Service)

As the COVID-19 Pandemic has powerfully demonstrated, there is a direct link between people’s income and their health, with people on lower incomes typically having poorer health outcomes than people with higher incomes. Health inequity is a prevalent issue in Australia, with many challenges due to low incomes and socio-economic disadvantage and barriers to access to health services.

Building on the findings from the ACOSS and UNSW joint report, Work, income and health inequity: A snapshot of the evidence, this webinar will explore:

·         What exactly does the data show about the relationship between health and socio-economic circumstance?

·         How could we improve the data in order to increase equitable access to health?

·         How can the policy choices we make now help improve the health outcomes for vulnerable Australians?

·         Importantly, how are the choices we are making now about COVID-19 impacting health outcomes for those with the least during this pandemic?

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