Become a NILS Delivery Partner

1 June 2020

    By becoming a NILS Delivery Partner it means that we can train some of your staff or your volunteers to assist our clients to complete our online loan application.

    Depending on the person, a loan interview can take 20-minutes or up to an hour. But on average it’s about 40-minutes and is a fairly simple and straightforward process. The loan application itself can assist people have a better sense of their fortnightly budget. In fact, 38% of clients report using a regular budget after going through our process.

    Your organisation would be listed on the information clients get when they enquire online along with other Delivery Partners. We have currently 66 Delivery Partners where people can access support across 93 sites in Tasmania.

    If you’re interested please ask your staff to get in touch and we can send the MOU we ask Delivery Partners to sign, which ensures that our key need of privacy and confidentiality would be met.

    If you have any questions, please get in touch with Melissa Reid, Training and Communications Officer, via We can and are organising Zoom training for any new partners staff/volunteers and will coordinate this quite quickly.