AER Energy Made Easy Website

1 June 2020

    The AER received Commonwealth Government funding for a two-year redevelopment project to enhance the Energy Made Easy (EME) website (

    These enhancements are now live on the website, and their purpose is to help consumers and small businesses continue to make informed energy choices through EME.

    The new features on EME include:

    • two additional pathways when searching for an energy plan for more personalised results (consumers and small businesses can now search by asking us to collect their metering data from AEMO or by uploading a PDF bill).
    • a dynamic translation function so users can now translate the entire website into 33 different languages,
    • retailer solar feed-in credits are now included in estimated plan costs if users have solar panels and provide their solar generation data when searching for a plan,
    • a revised, more helpful search experience, including suburb and postcode look-up; and
    • some enhancements to the website’s design, accessibility and general operation.