Nic McBride

10 August 2022 12:00 am Australia/Hobart

Do you want to involve consumers in your organisation? Are you wondering if you are doing it as well as you could be?

Flourish has developed ACE IT, a tool you can use to find out.

The Active Consumer Engagement Impelementation Tool (ACE IT) expresses the views of Tasmanians with lived experience of the mental health system, about how organisations can best work with them to plan, design, deliver and evaluate services.

You can download a copy of ACE IT here to fill out yourself.

Flourish consultants can be contracted to facilitate this process, including surveying engaged consumers and staff, and providing collated data and a report.

Our consultants have both extensive experience providing consultancy services for Mental Health organisations and first- hand experience of the mental health system, so they are ideal for this role.

For further information or to engage a consultant, contact Hermione at Flourish (Tuesdays and Thursdays)- or (03) 6223 1952.