Grants to Build 26TEN Communities

Beng Poh

7 October 2018


Grants to build 26TEN communities opens on Monday 24 Sep and closed on Friday 26 Oct at 5pm.

These grants fund people to work together in a coordinated way to lift literacy and numeracy.

The goal is to build a community where:

  • everyone knows about 26TEN
  • literacy and numeracy are talked about openly and seen as valuable skills that can be learned or improved
  • people can easily tap into programs and services to help them improve their literacy and numeracy
  • information is presented in ways that community members can readily understand.

Any Tasmanian community, geographic or connected in other ways, with a strong, large network that has a passion for building the literacy and numeracy skills of their community is eligible to apply. Our publication Becoming a 26TEN Community is a useful guide to the steps a community needs to take.

More information is available here, including how to apply.