2020 National Carer Survey


30 July 2020


    Carers Tasmania is inviting family and friend carers to complete the 2020 National Carer Survey.

    We are seeking your support to have carers participate in the 2020 National Carer Survey.

    The survey is being conducted in conjunction with the carer associations in all states and territories and researchers from Macquarie, New South Wales, Queensland, Sydney, and Technology Sydney Universities.

    The purpose of the research is to identify and highlight carers’ strengths and the challenges they face in caring for a family member or friend.

    As Tasmania will not receive data from the 2018 Survey of Disability, Ageing and Caring (SDAC), so having carers respond to this survey is very important to get more current data on carers in the state.

    If carers choose to take part, they should know that:

    • The survey is anonymous.
    • They can choose not to answer some questions.
    • The survey will take 15-20 minutes to complete.
    • The survey closes 30 June 2020.

    The survey asks questions about the following topics:

    • The carer themselves (e.g. age, gender, cultural background, employment).
    • The person for whom they care (e.g. relationship with the carer, level of care required).
    • Their Access to services and support (e.g. what services is the carer using).
    • The health and wellbeing of the carer (e.g. levels of stress).

    Carers that choose to give their contact details:

    • Will go into the draw for a 32GB wifi iPad (one iPad will be given in each state/territory).
    • Be asked to complete the survey again in two-years time to establish longitudinal data.

    To complete the survey:

    • Go online or fill out a hard copy — ring (03) 6144 3700 to have a copy posted out.