2017 AIM Leadership Excellence Awards

Nic McBride

19 July 2017


The AIM Leadership Excellence Awards (ALEAs) is the peak national awards ceremony that recognises and celebrates Australia’s most outstanding leaders.
The awards showcase individuals who have made significant impacts and contributions to their community and organisations.
Being involved in the ALEAs provides the nominee with an acknowledgement of their successes and an increased public profile. The application process encourages participants to consider their leadership skills; and reflect with honesty and humility the impact they have made to their organisations and colleagues.
The ALEAs consist of six categories designed to provide recognition to outstanding leadership and management:
  • Leader / Manager
  • Owner / Entrepreneur
  • Emerging Leader
  • Student
  • Not for Profit
  • Community Leader
The objective of the ALEAs is simply to recognise the achievements of some of Australia’s best and most inspiring leaders.
Involvement in the Awards is completely free of charge for all participants. Applications close on Friday 21 July 2017!
Recognise exceptional leaders in your professional sphere by nominating, or apply yourself!