2017/2018 Budget priorities

The TasCOSS Budget Prorities Statement 2017/18 presents a challenge to Government – a different way of working together for solutions to growing economic and social inequities.  We know that solutions and innovation are sitting within our communities and there is a genuine desire to co-design and work together to achieve change.
Overall TasCOSS proposes:

  • The co-design of a Community Innovation and Investment Framework
  • Work with communities to build their capacity to have a voice
  • The trialling of community-driven solutions – initially focussing on employment
  • A regional trial to understand how local actions can address transport disadvantage and unemployment
  • Allocation of a Community Innovation and Investment resource to enable action

This year, TasCOSS also worked collaboratively with both the Community Sector Peak Bodies Network and a wider group of Tasmanian Peak Sector Organisations to develop two additional Budget Priorities Statements.

The Tasmanian Community Sector Peak Body Network Budget Priorities Statement 2017/18  provides a shared Tasmanian Government Priority statement for the Tasmanian Community Services Peak Network who work collaboratively to support the needs of the Tasmanian not for profit sector and population groups of interest.

The Joint Statement of Aspirations for Tasmanian Peak Sector Organisations partners include the Council on theAgeing (COTA), Local Government Association of Tasmania (LGAT), Aged & Community Services Tasmania,  Master Builders Tasmania and the Tasmanian Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance. This ground-breaking document demonstrates the strength of cross-sector partnerships and our shared vision for Tasmania to Government.

More News

Reducing energy costs will provide a warm glow in winter (Mercury Talking Point, 30/05/22)

The federal and state governments can take important steps to reduce the cost of energy for struggling Tasmanian households, writes Adrienne Picone.

Federal Budget 2022/23 — Responses from our Industry

See below for responses from: National Shelter Mental Health Council of Tasmania Youth Network of Tasmania National Disability Services National Shelter The 2022/23 federal budget continues to ignore the needs of low-income and vulnerable Australians and again fails to invest in social and affordable housing. We are concerned that the only focus in this budget is on measures that provide

Response to Draft National Plan to End Violence against Women and Children 

TasCOSS welcomes the development of a National Plan to End Violence against Women and Children (2022-32). While TasCOSS and our members support various aspects of the Plan, in particular the principles underpinning it, we believe there are further priorities for action.

Tasmanian Government Departmental Changes

The Premier has announced a raft of Tasmanian Government departmental changes which will impact community service organisations funded through the Department of Communities Tasmania.

*Now Hiring!* FindHelpTAS Project Officer

TasCOSS is looking for a talented project officer to manage the FindHelpTAS website — the largest and most up-to-date online directory of community services in Tasmania — and pursue opportunities for improvement.

Criminal Code Amendment Bill 2022

TasCOSS believe additional support and resources are needed for organisations providing frontline training and education to raise awareness of issues relating to consent and violence against women. We believe ongoing funding for the continuation and expansion of these programs will be crucial to the success of any legislative reform in this area.

Tasmanian Future Gas Strategy — Discussion Paper

TasCOSS is calling for a Future Gas Strategy that phases out fossil gas and supports households in the transition to electrification that leaves nobody behind. This means ending new gas connections, improving household energy efficiency and tackling the barriers to renewable energy-powered homes faced by renters and Tasmanians on low incomes.

TasCOSS 2022/23 Budget Priorities Statement: Family/Sexual Violence Policy Development and Sector Coordination

TasCOSS have put in a funding bid for $834,000 over five years to establish a family/sexual violence policy development and sector coordination mechanism for Tasmania.