At Long Last: The Change Tasmanians Want

With Labor’s announcement of its policy on poker machines today, Tasmania sits at a moment where profound change is possible.

“This is one of those moments, much like the announcement of how Tasmanians voted on marriage equality a couple of weeks ago—a moment when we can feel meaningful change in the air,” CEO of TasCOSS Kym Goodes said.

“The overwhelming majority of Tasmanians will feel represented by this policy announcement and it bodes well for a future where the power and strength of the Tasmanian people sits at the core of our vision for the future of this state.

“This is not simply about a change to long term policy on pokies in our state.

“This announcement and the clear and genuine consultation that preceded it is an acknowledgement that our political representatives recognise that they are meant to do just that: represent the views of the people of Tasmania.

“And of course this announcement is about brave and bold leadership.

“It is one thing to call your own policies and statements bold, it is quite another to prepare a policy that has the potential to change the Tasmanian social and economic landscape, to lift our communities and to bring Tasmanians together.

“We can’t underestimate the shift that has happened within the Labor party itself that has led to today’s announcement.

“We thank Labor under the leadership of Rebecca White for being brave enough to recognise the vision we have for this State.”