TasCOSS Annual Report 2020/21: TasCOSS Board & Life Membership

TasCOSS Board Appointments and Departures
The Tasmanian Electoral Commission (TEC) conducted the 2021 election of TasCOSS Board members in accordance with the Constitution of the Tasmanian Council of Social Service Inc.

The following TasCOSS Members were successfully elected to the TasCOSS Board, each for a two-year term of office:

Congratulations to Connie, Penny, Kathy and Ann on your successful appointments. Moreover, thank you to all of the nominees for your interest in what is a truly rewarding role.

A special mention to Penny Egan and Connie Digolis who have been appointed to the important roles of Board Treasurer and Board Vice-President respectively.

TasCOSS would also like to pay thanks to outgoing Board Treasurer John Stubley and Board Member Lisa Coulson for their time and dedication to TasCOSS and to the Tasmanian community services industry.

TasCOSS Life Membership
Congratulations also to Jo Flanagan who was awarded TasCOSS Life Membership at this year’s AGM. TasCOSS Life Membership recognises the significant and noteworthy contribution an individual has made to TasCOSS and the Tasmanian community services industry.

Jo has for many years been a leader in the industry and a powerful advocate for social justice causes. She is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Women’s Health Tasmania, where she is highly regarded as a creative, strong and collaborative leader.

Jo has served TasCOSS in many ways. She was a member of the TasCOSS Board for multiple terms, including serving as Vice-President. More recently, Jo has been a staff member at TasCOSS, working in leadership positions as Manager Community Sector Development and Deputy Chief Executive Officer.

A clear and persuasive writer with great attention to detail, amongst Jo’s many career highlights was the Just Tasmania campaign — a collaborative project between TasCOSS, Anglicare Tasmania and the Poverty Coalition.