TasCOSS Annual Report 2018/19

Kym Goodes, Chief Executive Officer, TasCOSS

TasCOSS Vision

One Tasmania, free of poverty and inequality where everyone has the same opportunity.




TasCOSS Mission

Established in 1961, TasCOSS’s Mission is twofold:

  • to act as the peak body for the community sector in Tasmania, and
  • to challenge and change the systems, behaviours and attitudes that create poverty, inequality and exclusion.



TasCOSS Budget Priorities Statement 2019-20

TasCOSS’s Budget Priorities Statement for 2019/20 is focused on delivering an inclusive growth strategy for Tasmania that will tackle the barriers preventing all Tasmanians from unlocking their potential.

TasCOSS proposes a Regional Investment Fund that will address the systems and barriers that prevent participation with the outcome of getting local people into local jobs. To get local people into the sort of local jobs that will be available through the Infrastructure Pipeline and other growth industries we need a strategic investment in five priority areas:

  1. Innovative demand-based transport systems
  2. Targeted training in skills and work readiness
  3. Adult literacy and digital inclusion support
  4. Access to essential services
  5. Community leadership

As with all TasCOSS submissions the 2019/20 Budget Priorities Statement was developed through year-round consultation with TasCOSS Members, Tasmanians in communities around the State and other stakeholders, research and evidence.

TasCOSS Strategic Plan 2016-21

Community Services Industry Plan

The State Government funded TasCOSS and a joint committee of sector, peak body, and government representatives to develop a ten-year Community Services Industry Plan. The community sector is growing, while also experiencing consumer-driven care and marketisation reforms, such as the NDIS, which substantially change how the sector operates and its workforce demands.

A Steering Committee, chaired by TasCOSS chief executive Kym Goodes and the Secretary of the Department of Communities, oversaw the development of the Plan.

Based on the information and ideas gathered at The Future of Tasmania’s Community Services Industry symposium last December TasCOSS produced a Consultation Paper.

The Consultation Paper aims to build on the valuable views and feedback already received from the industry including, the vision, priority areas for change, and commitments required for the Plan to be successful in its implementation.

More than 130 plus organisations contributed to the Community Services Industry Plan survey. The survey was designed in line with what stakeholders conveyed to TasCOSS about the future priorities for the industry. This piece of work will assist in highlighting the economic and social benefits the industry provides the State, and will be critical in providing supporting information and evidence to guide the development of the Plan.