ACOSS Federal Election Policy Tracker

The Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) has produced a Federal Election Policy Tracker to help you keep track of the policy announcements of the key political parties.

With a focus on tackling poverty and disadvantage, the ACOSS Policy Tracker helps you work out what the political parties would do if they were to form the next Federal Government.

The ACOSS Policy Tracker has been prepared based on independent analysis of policy proposals, drawing on correspondence received to date, and public announcements.

The tracker compares the policy offerings with ACOSS policy proposals in the following key areas:

  • Income support to get through tough times and real help to find employment.
  • A secure, affordable home for everybody.
  • Action on climate change and affordable, clean energy.
  • Quality health and community services.
  • Funding for our future.
  • A strong voice and a thriving democracy.

View the ACOSS Policy Tracker