Community Services Industry COVID-19 Issues Register

The following guiding questions will assist in formulating your post on the Community Services Industry COVID-19 Issues Register.
  1. What is the issue/problem? Please describe. [max. 150 words]
  2. How does the issue/problem impact Tasmanians/the community services industry? Please describe and give examples (if applicable) of unmet need, gaps in service delivery, etc. [max. 150 words]
  3. How can this be resolved? What are possible solutions and who are the stakeholders? Please describe. [max. 75 words]
If you are not comfortable sharing issues on a public forum, please send your issues-based correspondence to Stephen Durney, Community Services COVID-19 Response Senior Policy Officer, by email to and he will follow up with you directly.
How to Get Started
To enter your issue, start typing in the Topic Title box below the words 'Create New Topic in "Community Services Industry COVID-19 Issues Register"'. Please remember to provide the name of the organisation you represent and an email address and/or contact number within the Content box. To view other issues that have been registered, click on the one/s you're interested in below.

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