Anniversaries are a wonderful opportunity to pause and reflect, remember the past, look forward to the future and celebrate achievements. The Tasmanian Council of Social Service has an amazing history – a history of working with community service organisations, governments, other agencies and individual Tasmanians to provide leadership in our communities for a fair, just and inclusive Tasmania. TasCOSS is this year celebrating 50 years of leadership and service to Tasmanians. 50 years of making positive change!

The influence that TasCOSS has bought over the past 50 years is recognised through:

  • the introduction of government policies that have assisted Tasmanians to achieve their full potential. Many of these policies have been influenced by the strong research and advocacy provided by TasCOSS;
    • the strengthening of community sector organisations;
    • the partnerships that have been formed with others to ensure the vision of TasCOSS is being achieved;
    • and – the leadership of some outstanding individuals.

In celebrating 50 years we all need to take some time to reflect on the difference that TasCOSS has made in serving the Tasmanian community.

There is still much to be achieved but strong foundations have been established. Many amazing people have been part of laying those foundations over 50 years and we have an obligation to ensure that we all live in a fair, just and inclusive Tasmania.

Over 50 years TasCOSS has made a difference in the lives of so many Tasmanians. As we reflect and celebrate those achievements we look forward to this amazing organisation continuing to influence, lead, advocate, partner and support to continue that journey of making a difference.

Taken from TasCOSS celebrating 50 years, 1961-2011

For more about the history of TasCOSS read through our commemorative newsletter below. Read it online or click ‘download’ to save a copy to your device.