Ivan Davis, Senate Candidate for Tasmania, Animal Justice Party Tasmania

1. Raising the rate of income support

I support and commit to this measure for the reasons TasCOSS has already identified. In addition, I would like to see the mutual obligation requirement for job seekers be changed to one quality application every two weeks or eliminated entirely. I have worked with an employment provider teaching long-term unemployed how to get work, and I have applied for many jobs since leave the Defence Force. I know what sort of effort is required to get the job you actually want. Jumping through a ridiculous number of hoops is a barrier to employment or any life goal accomplishment.

2. Affordable housing solutions

I support and commit to all TasCOSS solutions, except one. I would be slow to support a 50% increase to Commonwealth Rent Assistance payments because I see that supporting wealthy property owners. I would counter that by advocating to free up state funds currently spent subsidising horse and greyhound racing and to then spend those millions on public housing stock, including emergency housing. Similarly, Commonwealth funds can and should be spent to do the same.

3. Investment in household energy efficiency and the reduction of energy debt

I support and commit to the identified TasCOSS solutions and wish to add in this additional idea. When a household has energy debt, then that household be prioritised to receive energy efficiency upgrades not limited to insulation upgrades or solar power including battery to help ensure no future slide into debt.

4. Increasing digital skills and affordability

I support and commit to this measure and would also advocate for it to include literacy support/education.

5. Improved access to dental health care

I support and commit to this measure. There would be a short-term cost and the long-term benefit would not be simply be quantifiable in money terms, but benefits would be extensive throughout our society.

Download TasCOSS’s 2022 Federal Election Tasmania Package (PDF, 3.28MB) to view offline.