Diana Adams, Senate Candidate for Tasmania, United Australia Party

Thank you for the opportunity to provide a response to the TasCOSS 2022 Federal Election Tasmania Package​. The United Australia Party has a number of policies that have already been released that tackle cost of living pressures and aim to free us from our national debt and to ensure a prosperous economy. I will outline how the policies already released will have a positive impact to all Tasmanian people and businesses. However, should we be elected, no doubt there will be more policies released that will tackle specific areas as outlined in the package.

United Australia Party that HAS an economic plan for freedom and prosperity, and has real solutions to the mess that previous governments have got us in.

Not only are we a freedom party that defends freedom, will end the mandates, end discrimination, censorship, lockdowns and government interference; ONLY the UAP has a real plan to get us out of this trillion dollar debt sooner than any other party. By introducing a 15% export license on all iron ore exports, our debt will be paid off within 20 years as opposed to the predicted 180 years. This is crucial to our economic prosperity, and independence from the World Economic Forum, or any great reset plans.

Furthermore, if Australia can process its own minerals (instead of exports worth a couple of hundred dollars a ton, we want to have exports worth up to $20,000 a ton), which will provide extra revenue while creating thousands of jobs for Australians. To date, Australia has failed to maximise revenue from its prized mineral resources, by continuing to send unprocessed ores overseas.

We plan to deploy at least a trillion dollars of Australian super invested offshore back into Australia to benefit OUR citizens. The increased financial strength these measures will bring, will be invested in health and education.

Every single Tasmanian will benefit from our policies, we plan to give all Tasmanians people and business a 20% tax concession. Also, we will reduce the tax rate on a person’s second job by up to 50%. We want to further support businesses by abolishing provisional tax and fringe benefits tax.

We plan to increase the age pension by $180 per fortnight therefore reducing the cost of living pressures for pensioners.

We plan $20 billion going to education including free TAFE and university, abolishing HECS and forgiving all student loans, which is a real investment in our future generation.

We want to ease the cost of living pressures, by freezing the fuel excise, keeping fuel costs lower, capping home loan interest rates at a maximum of 3% for the next 5 years to save Australian home ownership and protect 6 million Aussie homes. Also the first 30,000 paid on a home loan each year to be tax deductible. Debt drives up inflation, the fact we are the only party to address paying off our debt in the shortest amount of time means that we are the only party to really tackle inflation and cost of living pressures. Should interest rates rise to 6% or more (the CBA has predicted 4 rate increases this year alone), more than 80% of home loan mortgages will be in default.

We are planning a $40 billion dollar health package going straight to hospitals, bypassing state governments. We respect the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship and privacy of your medical and health information. We want to include alternative treatment options to COVID-19 (including antivirals) that have shown enormous success overseas.

We aim to abolish National Cabinet, end digital identity and personal surveillance regimes; and protect Australian values, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from fear and freedom of association.

We aim to make electricity costs cheaper and more affordable. China, Europe and the USA all benefit from nuclear power. Australia has the world’s largest deposits of uranium, however while we export uranium to other nations for them to take advantage of, we ban its use here in Australia for electricity generation. We feel the government should be more proactive in establishing research into new nuclear technology to help solve Australia’s energy problems. The UAP believe Australia should benefit from its own resources and Australian industries should be benefiting from cheap power so they can compete internationally.

Download TasCOSS’s 2022 Federal Election Tasmania Package (PDF, 3.28MB) to view offline.