Australian Greens

1. Raising the rate of income support

Our current social security system does not support those that need it. Income inequality is out of control and the current rates of income support payments do not come close to covering the basic essentials. In a wealthy country like ours, no-one should live in poverty. The Greens will ensure everybody has the support they need to live truly independent lives and support themselves while studying, caring and looking for work. We will ensure everyone is supported with a liveable income guarantee.

All across Australia people are having to make impossible choices to figure out how to live on $45 a day. Young people are barely scraping by on youth allowance, older people are increasingly becoming homeless, and it’s harder than ever to access the Disability Support Pension. The Greens will raise the rate of income support payments above the poverty line, currently set at $88 a day, to ensure no-one lives in poverty.

2. Affordable housing solutions

Part of the Greens’ plan to build one million homes includes a massive new investment in public housing. 750,000 new sustainable and accessible public and community homes will be built over 20 years.

Our plan will slash the public housing waiting lists, end homelessness and ensure everyone has a place to call home.

In a housing system rigged for investors, buying a home is now well out of reach for most people. It’s currently too expensive for too many people to both pay rent and save for a deposit.

As part of the Greens’ plan to build one million homes, there will be 125,000 affordable new homes available to own for those who would otherwise be locked out of owning a home. This plan will help people who have been priced out of where they need to live.

3. Investment in household energy efficiency and the reduction of energy debt

To meet our future needs, we need to boost our ability to store clean energy so that it’s available when we need it. Not only would Clean Energy Australia drive a lot of the grid scale investment, but a financing storage scheme would be established using both grants and loans for household level storage.

For households to power past gas, a grant of up to $10,000 and low interest loans of up to $20,000 will be offered to replace gas-fired boilers, water heaters and cooktops with electric alternatives.

The Greens will also create a Capital Grants Fund to give grants to states and territories to fund public housing improvements. $1.5 billion per year in capital grants for three years, then $2.5 billion divided evenly over the next seven years will help clear maintenance backlogs and make sure everyone’s home is high quality, safe and accessible.

4. Increasing digital skills and affordability

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is a mess. Australia’s internet is lagging behind the rest of the world. It’s slower than almost every country in Europe, North America, and many in South-East Asia. The pandemic has shown just what critical infrastructure the internet is, allowing us to work and connect around the world safely from home. Everyone should be able to access the NBN. It’s time we finish the NBN as it was originally designed, to support our future economy, jobs, education, health and way of life.

Poor internet connections are costing Australian businesses 100 hours a year, per worker in lost time. The Greens will:

  • Fix the NBN by 2025 with the best fibre and 5G wireless technologies to secure our economy, jobs, education and health.
  • Ensure the NBN remains publicly owned.
  • Provide free broadband internet access for one million households with a healthcare card, including carers, students, low income families and the unemployed.

5. Improved access to dental health care

Dental care is too expensive. Too many people can’t afford to see a dentist. In Australia, everyone can see a doctor using their Medicare card, and there’s no reason that it should be any different for your teeth. The Greens secured free dental for kids into Medicare in 2012. However, our healthcare system continues to prevent people from getting the care they need throughout their life, allowing treatable oral conditions to turn into serious illnesses. The Greens will invest $77.6 billion over the decade to provide free dental care to everyone who is eligible for Medicare, ensuring everyone can visit the dentist when they need to.

Download TasCOSS’s 2022 Federal Election Tasmania Package (PDF, 3.28MB) to view offline.