2021 State Election Priorities — Adrienne’s enews Message (8 April 2021)

The 2021 State Election sees Tasmania poised at a pivotal juncture, a time when our economic and social recovery from COVID-19 hinges on decisive actions from our government.

TasCOSS challenges the next political leaders of Tasmania to recognise and address the needs of Tasmanians in shaping this future.

Throughout this election campaign, TasCOSS will continue to give voice and agency to the Tasmanians living on inadequate incomes, their hopes and aspirations for the future. 

Tasmanians have consistently told us that in order to live a good life they need to be able to afford the basics, have a healthy body and mind, and a place to call home. This is why TasCOSS’s election priorities (PDF, 2.88MB) focus squarely on jobs, affordable housing and improved health outcomes.

TasCOSS urges all Tasmanian political parties to commit to:

  1. Meaningful, secure jobs for local people in the community services industry
  2. A secure, affordable home for all
  3. Accessible health care that is close to home
  4. Closing the digital divide so no one is left offline
  5. Delivering lower household electricity bills

Head to the TasCOSS 2021 State Election homepage to view a candidate guide for all five Tasmanian electorates, a rundown of TasCOSS’s election priorities and responses from the major parties, a suite of resources on how to advocate around the State Election; and information on upcoming events where you can have your say in the lead up to the election.

Resources & Assistance with Advocacy
TasCOSS has prepared an Advocacy Toolkit for Organisations and Individuals (PDF, 133KB) around the State Election. This resource covers off on a range of lobbying activities you can engage in individually or on behalf of your organisation to influence candidates and political parties.

Want to share? If you have an election-related event or news you would like TasCOSS to share on social media or in our member communiques, please let us know by emailing us.

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