2021/2022 TasCOSS Budget Priorities Statement: Household Energy Efficiency Initiatives

Energy is an essential service — one that is fundamental to community, family, individual health and wellbeing and overall economic activity.

In Tasmania, around 59,000 households are experiencing energy poverty. Living in energy poverty forces low income households to restrict energy consumption by avoiding basic activities like showering and using heaters, as well as resulting in high proportions of income being spent on energy and the inability to pay other bills.

This Budget Priorities Statement identifies household energy efficiency initiatives targeted to Tasmanians on low incomes as priority actions to improve energy affordability and lower power bills.

Investing in energy efficiency initiatives for low income households will create jobs, stimulate our economy in the post-COVID-19 recovery, lower emissions, help to achieve the State Government’s renewable energy goals and improve the health and wellbeing of Tasmanians.

Our goals and recommendations build on the State Government’s $15 million public housing heating and energy efficiency initiative, through a bold program of investment in household energy efficiency that extends the benefits of energy efficiency upgrades to Tasmanians on low incomes, regardless of whether they are in public housing, community housing, private rentals or owner-occupied homes.

Our proposals will create around 4,000 jobs for Tasmanians, retrofit 85,000 Tasmanian homes with energy efficiency upgrades, save households over $45 million every year on energy bills and inject an additional $475 million into the Tasmanian economy.

Priority needs to be placed on supporting Tasmanians with equitable access to affordable, safe and efficient energy all year round, regardless of their social or economic circumstances.