2020/21 TasCOSS Budget Priorities Statement (Preventing hospitalisations in Tasmania)

Right now in our state thousands of Tasmanians can’t access Australia’s universal health care system when they are sick. Thousands of Tasmanians cannot afford to see a General Practitioner (GP), fill a prescription or access follow up treatment for their chronic diseases.

As a result, Tasmanians are getting sicker and sicker until they eventually present at an Emergency Department.

In Preventing hospitalisations in Tasmania: 2020/2021 Budget Priorities Statement, TasCOSS calls on our State Government to fulfill its core duty of care to Tasmanians by resetting access to basic health care services available to Tasmanians in our communities.

Connecting Tasmanians with basic health care will improve health outcomes, ease pressure on our state’s hospital system and open up at least $38 million in Federal funds annually.

This Budget Priorities Statement lays down a challenge to all levels of government: The problems in Tasmania’s hospital system will not be solved in our hospitals, but instead, within our communities.

Brave and bold leadership is not needed here. Instead what is needed is the most basic of government decision-making—the decision to maximise available Federal funds in order to better provide health care to all Tasmanians.

The evidence is clear that this is necessary, logical, financially responsible and in the best interests of all Tasmanians.

Because ultimately, no matter how strong our economy is, if our population is not healthy enough to participate socially and economically, then who is that strong economy for?

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