An update from the TasCOSS President

As valued TasCOSS Members and supporters, I want to communicate with you regarding the next steps in recruiting for the TasCOSS CEO role following Kym’s resignation.

In days of sunshine, shelter Tasmanians from tempest to come (The Mercury Talking Point, 04/12/19)

Every day we hear stories of the health system failing — bed block, overcrowded emergency departments and problems with culture and relationships between the bureaucracy and clinicians. What we don’t see on the front page are long-term outcomes of the gathering failure of our healthcare system — long-term outcomes like the median age of death in our most disadvantaged neighbourhood being 66, compared to 84 in the most advantaged neighbourhood.

TCCI Tasmania Report 2019: Social Foreword

Kym Goodes, CEO, Tasmanian Council of Social Service (TasCOSS) Tasmania’s strong economy is something to be proud of. It’s the foundation we desperately needed and provides a strong base to be built on. The challenge is to construct an economy in these days of economic sunshine that is robust, flexible and innovative to shelter all Tasmanians from the storms and