HeLLOTas! Toolkit Introductory Workshops

TasCOSS offers free, regionally based interactive workshops on using the HeLLOTas! Toolkit ⁠— a quality improvement process to assist organisations respond to community members by providing information they can easily understand and use as well as how to find their way in the health and community services industry.

Training, Leadership and Development Opportunities

TasCOSS offered a suite of exciting and innovative training and professional development opportunities in 2018/19. Now more than ever it is important that our voices ⁠— the voices of the community service industry ⁠— are heard loud and clear.

Community Innovation & Investment Project

In the South East and Derwent Valley both Local Action Groups (LAGs) are into the implementation stages of their concepts. The South East SE@RCH (South East Region Community Employment Hub) managed by Colony 47 has recently recruited a Regional Employment Manager for the project.

Employer of Choice Award

TasCOSS, along with twelve other new inductees, was commended for demonstrating a commitment to supporting a work-life balance, employee engagement, communication, leadership and continuous improvement.

State Conference 2019

The two-day TasCOSS State Conference featured a number of dynamic speakers and brought together CEOs, board members, managers and service providers from across the community service industry and further afield.

2019/20 State Budget Briefing

The annual TasCOSS State Budget Briefing at Hadley’s Orient Hotel was attended by more than 80 Members and supporters. The Honourable Roger Jaensch MP, Minister for Human Services and Minister for Housing, spoke at the event following a presentation from TasCOSS CEO Kym Goodes.