ACOSS Survey of People on Newstart and Youth Allowance Results

ACOSS surveyed 489 people who receive Newstart or Youth Allowance about the level of deprivation they may experience. These survey results offer an insight into how people manage very finite resources and the lengths they go to cover the cost of essentials like housing and bills.

New Submission to the TasCOSS Vault

Submission to Tasmanian House of Assembly Inquiry into Housing Affordability (prepared in partnership with the Mental Health Council of Tasmania)

TasCOSS How To Library

The TasCOSS How To Library provides a central access point for those seeking information about issues relevant to the community services industry.

NDIS Business and Marketing Toolkit

The NDIS Business and Marketing Toolkit provides simple instructional How To’s to guide your organisation. It can be used as a blueprint for planning or to help you understand and highlight which services are sustainable and which business models may work best in a changing market.