Social Policy & Research Unit

The Social Policy and Research (SPR) Unit works towards the TasCOSS vision of a fair, just and inclusive Tasmania

For TasCOSS, a socially just society is one that is made up of a healthy, thriving, dynamic and inclusive community of people who put a high priority on reducing poverty and breaking down barriers to participation and equality. We work to bring about such a society through our policy development, research, consultation, advocacy and collaborative action.

Our work is based on developing realistic and practical policy solutions through consultation and engagement, as well as through research and analysis.

We actively advocate for our policy positions and work in collaboration with others to influence government and other decision-makers and to stimulate public debate.  

Policy & Research staff

Kath McLean, Senior Policy & Research Officer     
Wynne Russell, Policy & Research Officer   

Our very popular Social Determinants of Health action sheets were updated in June 2016. Download them here.