Tasmanians living with disability face challenges including low incomes, difficulties accessing health services, appropriate employment and appropriate housing, and high costs of medical supplies and health care. TasCOSS advocates for the mainstreaming of disability issues in all areas of policy and programming through the application of diversity mainstreaming. We further support efforts to build private sector and community awareness of and engagement with disability issues.


Facts and figures

• 15.8% of Tasmanians have at least one core activity restriction.
• 5.7% of Tasmanians have a profound or severe disability.
• 11.6% of/46,645 Tasmanians provide unpaid assistance to persons with a disability.
• 25.6% of Tasmanians with a disability or other restrictive long-term health condition feel that there are inadequate services in the area in which they live and 16.3% suffer transport/distance related difficulties when accessing services.


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