Shared Services

The TasCOSS Shared Services project seeks to facilitate and promote the sharing of accommodation and back-office services by community service organisations in Tasmania. Sharing services is important for CSOs looking to deliver new, improved or more integrated services and to make efficiency savings through lowering costs and reducing duplicate efforts.

Shared services is also about sharing information and utilising the purchasing power of the sector to lower costs and tailor products and services to the community sector.

Contact TasCOSS with your shared services opportunity or need on or 6231 0755.  

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TasCOSS has introduced access to discounted community sector insurance products and services.  Find out more ›

The following documents may assist your organisation in buying or renewing insurance. The documents listed under Getting started address the insurance needs of the community sector across Australia but there are differences between the legislation in each state.  These documents are based on NSW legislation and therefore queries in relation to Tasmanian legislation will require further consultation with an insurance expert.

Getting started

Are you about to renew your insurance? Before you do,  consult this checklist 

Risk management

Office of Communities New South Wales risk management resource for not for profits ›

Volunteering Australia's risk management tool for volunteer-involving organisations,  Running the Risk? › 

Need to cut travel costs? Telecare Online Services enables the support and delivery of health services via the use of shared video conferencing equipment in rural and isolated communities. Find out more ›

Here is a useful link for small and large organisations seeking to lower their electricity costs ›

This is a commercial real estate search engine by city for rents from lowest to highest ›

Find other community service organisations in your region who may be interested in sharing services via this DHHS search engine ›


Here is a map of current shared services opportunities in Hobart's CBD.

For inquiries about sharing services, contact TasCOSS on (03) 6231 0755 or